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4.10 Etape 4 Population Estimation

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2. The inventory of evidence is done one week before the analysis of the CH. No evidence can be considered after the week of inventory
3. All Reliability 1 evidences can be used for classification of FNS outcomes in a standard analysis
4. All direct and indirect evidence can be used at the same time for the classification of a result
5. Contributing Factors Impact Results Independently
6. The impacts of contributing factors are not considered in the classification if the indicators of this result converge
7. Severe Acute Malnutrition should be used in the classification of mortality outcome
8. All evidence from the 4 FNS outcomes must meet the 20% rule for their classification
9. The analysis of the projected situation is based on the most probable scenario
10. Population estimation begins at the evidence inventory stage
11. The existence of population proportion per phase depends on the data of the outcome indicators
12. In an accessible area classified with a standard protocol, we can have a proportion of the population in phase 3 if the nutrition result is not classified
13. We can have a population in famine even if the area is classified in phase 4
14. We can have a population in phase 4 if the consumption score is classified in phase 4